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Network Intelligence™

Empowered partners with Enterprises and Service Providers in their journey to Empowered Network Intelligence™



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average tenure
across our team

25+ years

OF operational

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Driven by digital transformation, security challenges, compliance requirements, and rapid technological advancement, today’s Enterprises must do much more, often with significantly less in terms of resources and budget.

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Empowered partners with our customers to help maximize their Network Intelligence. We help them with the tools, processes, and experience to:

Gather data from multiple sources​

Synchronize across systems through quorum-based analysis

Integrate with Enterprise CMDB and other key tools​

Train AI with the right data

Enhance Automation, Security, and  Compliance  outcomes

Maximize return on your existing NetOps investment

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Network Monitoring

Insights all begin with visibility. Gain visibility and control over your IT operations.

IT Compliance

Minimize manual testing and reporting time through streamlined processes for infrastructure compliance.

Secure DNS

Use DNS in the cyber kill chain to stop the spread of malware in your network.

Network Security

Detect and prevent misconfigurations to safeguard your network from attacks.

Empowered Innovations

Solve real-world challenges with our customer-driven family of SaaS offerings.

Professional Services

Combine innovation with experience to realize savings, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance.

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Envision, Execute, Enhance & Explore.


Our E4 methodology is a customer-centric framework guiding you to a fully installed and supported solution. It flexibly addresses the entire process or specific components, allowing us to tailor a solution precisely to your individual needs.


Assess your current environment

Begin your improvement journey by assessing your current state. Our unbiased evaluations of your operations, processes, and personnel provide a foundation for targeted recommendations. Gain clarity on your current status and identify impactful changes.


The solution to your problem

Navigate towards a solution with our practical recommendations for software, services, processes, and skills. Tailored to fit your budget and timeline, we draw on our experience to optimize your team's strengths and ensure a positive return on investment.


The recommended solution

We actualize and operationalize solutions, minimizing risks and maximizing returns. Our commitment extends until your expectations are surpassed.  We architect, install, configure, and train your team, and we provide ongoing support.


Your environment and your business

Our highly trained team ensures the difference between good and great. We customize offerings to your unique needs, offering support from basic implementations to complex integrations, with options for fractional or full-time Resident Engineers.

Trusted partnerships

We carefully choose a limited number of Vendor Partners based on stringent technology evaluations and collaborative potential. Our goal in building strong partnerships with these selected few is to ensure lasting advantages and to maximize value and benefits for our customers.



Brian Hepburn

Brian Hepburn

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Ell

Michael Ell

SVP, Technical Services

Chris Hindy

Chris Hindy

SVP, Product Strategy & Innovation

Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean

SVP, Product Development

Jonathan Mollon

Jonathan Mollon

VP, Business Ops & Corporate Counsel

Lisa White

Lisa White

VP, Finance

Network Timing & Synchronization by Empowered

In addition to providing extensive services and solutions to help navigate your journey to Empowered Network Intelligence, Empowered proudly serves as a leading resource for best-in-class Timing and Synchronization solutions. Learn more!

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