In an era of rising cyber threats, understanding and controlling your network traffic is crucial.

Defense Strategy

Empowered offers a defense-in-depth strategy, equipping you with the tools to thwart attacks and the insights to respond effectively to breaches, ensuring your data's integrity remains intact.

The Challenge

I require a detailed assessment of the vulnerabilities present in my network devices and the security of the network pathways to mitigate the risk of malicious activities.

The Solution

Empowered offers comprehensive Network Security solutions to ensure confidence in the configuration, lifecycle, and firmware integrity of vital network devices.

The Challenge

The Solution

Configuration Analysis

Map and understand your network's devices to identify unintended configuration gaps.

Lifecycle Management

Automatically compare your device inventory against the most robust collection of Vulnerability and Lifecycle data.

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Empowered can help

Optimize the discovery, observability, management, and security of your IT infrastructure.

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