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Resident Engineer Datasheet

Resident Engineer Datasheet

Finding the necessary IT professionals to support critical operational solutions can be challenging.

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  • Business Problem
  • Solution Approach
  • Solution Description
  • Business Outcome
Resident Engineer Datasheet

Business Problem

Finding the necessary IT professionals to support critical operational solutions can be challenging. Even when relevant personnel are located, it often takes several months to achieve optimal effectiveness. The process of hiring resources and identifying the ideal match for a particular technical support role is time-consuming and demands a costly onboarding procedure. Often when a resource is found, they are focused on a specific area and do not have broad experience across many systems and operational environments. Unfortunately, when it comes to managing and supporting crucial operational services, time is a luxury that often doesn't exist, and prompt solution support becomes imperative.

Solution Approach

  • Enlist a 3rd party consulting team with deep domain knowledge and real-world customer experience and success.
  • Have a discussion to understand use cases and requirements and provide a proposal with customer and product specific parameters
  • Engage with an experienced resident engineer backed by a larger team of cross functional experts to support edge cases and customization requests

Solution Description

  • Access to highly skilled and experienced resource who has strong existing relationships with our partner vendors
  • Resources can be applied to the plan and prepare phases, build and operationalization phases, or the run, administration, and continual improvement phases of the solution lifecycle

Full time or fractional

  • Term lengths can be 3, 6, 12 months, or longer
  • Engagement anywhere from 1-5 days per week
  • Combinations of the above
  • Remote, on-prem, and hybrid possibilities
  • Options for dedicated support with backup redundancy


  • Day to day administrative activities
  • Advanced configuration
  • Reporting
  • Scripting – internal and external (API)
  • Testing
  • Planning and MoP creation
  • MoP execution
  • Engagement with vendors for management and resolution of issues

Business Outcome


Apply internal resources to activities directly related to the business, use resident engineers to maintain systems that aren’t core to the business but are essential for its function


Resident engineers provide the business with instant access to experience and skills that would take years to develop internally


Business receives best in breed solution management as a function of the resident engineer’s external perspective and industry knowledge


Higher ROI on tool expenditure

Better adoption and utilization solution feature set

More efficient alignment of solution capabilities with business needs


Infusion of knowledge into the operational environment through engagement with a highly qualified and experienced resource

Empowered’s Resident Engineering Service delivers a customized and collaborative consulting experience, specifically designed to efficiently meet your operational and business priorities. With this service, you gain direct access to IT experts who can effectively provide the required solutions support, promptly resolving your pressing operational and business needs. Some examples of solutions we support include:

  • BigPanda
  • LogicMonitor
  • Infoblox BloxOne
  • Infoblox DDI
  • Infoblox NetMRI

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