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Integration with Empowered Bridge

Integration with Empowered Bridge

Enabling the integration of your critical and authoritative network data into your larger ecosystem.

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Integration with Empowered Bridge

In the modern world, solutions are no longer used in isolation. The ability to integrate tools and the data they contain into the larger operational ecosystem is now table stakes, a situation exemplified by the proliferation of APIs. How well a solution can be integrated into an environment is no longer a "nice to have", but can be the key differentiator that drives perceived value as well as measurable ROI.

The problem is complex synchronization, business logic-driven data transport, and/or bulk provisioning often requiring validation checks, dependency awareness, data evaluation, or approval workflows, frequently addressed with professional services and custom solutions. While the ends may be achieved, the mechanism is often a collection of bespoke scripts that are brittle and almost inevitably present future challenges for maintenance and supportability.

What if there was a solution that allowed for these complex workflows to be achieved with configuration rather than coding? A solution provided as a supported product rather than one-off scripts and custom work? An offering that continually evolves and improves its features and capabilities?

Introducing Empowered Bridge. Utilizing a unique integration-focused PaaS (Platform as a Service), Optm Bridge offers the configurability, auditability, and maintainability that is too often missing in custom engagements and since it is delivered as a subscription, includes the support that modern operations groups demand.

  • Improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of your operational integrations
  • Enhance the value of your business data through integration, increasing its accuracy, accessibility, and timeliness
  • Integration workflows connect your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based processes, services, and applications
  • Connect to higher-level workflows, often missed by traditional notification-type data workflows
  • Solve business problems not addressed with your current integration scripts, data lakes, and middleware solutions
  • Enable your team with enhanced logging, upgradability, status reporting, and user and business analytics

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