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Network Testing

Stress-test networks, security, apps and mobile with media-rich traffic, from wireless edge to Internet core


> Network Testing

> Security Test & Assessment

> PTP & Synchronization

> Lab & Test Automation 



IT Security

See everything, protect what matters, and find and mitigate risk, before it finds you.

> Advanced Threat Detection

> Secure DNS

> Network Forensics

> Security Testing & Assessment 

> Penetration Testing

> Wi-Fi Security & Monitoring

Project Portfolio Management

Empowered provides the help you need to jumpstart your evolution to mature, disciplined PPM, “naturalized” to your specific processes, workflows, terms and culture 


> EmpoweredPPM™ Managed Service

> Assessments & Process Development

> Business Intelligence & Enterprise Architecture

> Professional Services for CA Clarity® 






Empowered is Canada's Primary Reference for Timing and Synchronization... Learn More


> Carrier-Class Platforms

> PTP for 4G and LTE

> Time-of-Day & NTP Servers

> Smart Grid Synchronization

> DOCSIS Timing for Cable


Enable IT to focus on what matters to your business efficiently, with the right tools and processes

> Network Monitoring

> IT Monitoring & Control

> Network Services & NCCM

> DCIM & Related Solutions

Network Visibility

Achieve end-to-end Network Visibility across both physical and virtual networks for security and network monitoring tools


> Network  & Virtual Taps 

> In-line Bypass Switches

> Network Packet Brokers

> Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) 




Deploy secure, scalable and future-proof  802.11ac, with effective testing and monitoring... Learn More

> Wi-Fi Service Assurance

> Wi-Fi Testing & Diagnostics

> 802.11ac Wi-Fi APs & Arrays

> Unified Access Management

> 802.11ac Performance Testing



Our Partners...

Empowered combines proven products from trusted partners with our expertise to deliver fully integrated solutions that solve real-world problems

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Empowered's Customers

Latest Updates

SynCan 2015 - Our 11th was a great session!

SynCan 2015, our annual Users' Meeting for Sync Users across Canada, took place Thursday May 21st.  If you couldn't join us, we've posted the session notes on our SynCan 2015 Page.  Just register with your email to get access.

Network Troubleshooting and Baselining Workshops in Canada
Register now for these 1-day workshops from Fluke Networks, on Network Troubleshooting and Baselining, offered in Burnaby, Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Dorval, for CAD $393 per seat. Visit our blog for full details.

NEW! Ixia BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) Released
BreakingPoint VE provides real-world testing of network security resilience, with realism and scale, in a virtualized deployment model - cost-effective, elastic, and sharable.  Learn more, or Evaluate it Now!

CENGN Partners with Empowered Networks

Check out this release from CENGN - the Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks profiling our partnership to provide network, security and wireless testing expertise to help developing Canadian companies. Read more in Empowered's Blog.

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